Blackberry Member History


Charter Members at Feeley October 21, 1908

Bluntach, Francis
Bluntach, Mrs. H
Dahl, Louis
Dahl, Mrs. Louis
Pogue, Ella
Pogue, Mary A.
Pogue, William M.
Reed, Charles
Reed, Mrs. Charles
Reese, Gertie

Members added at Feeley January 17, 1909

Dahl, Amanda
Dahl, Olga
Dahl, Violet
Reed, Harry
Reed, Wilda
Starrington, Ella
Tichenor, R. R.

Member added at Feeley January 23, 1909

Bliss, M. E.

Members added at Feeley April 2, 1910

Bliss, Arthur
Bliss, F. A.
Bliss, Mary E.

Members added at Feeley July 2, 1910

Anderson, Axel
Anderson, Mrs. Axel (Hilda C. Carlson)
Anderson, Frances Christina
Baker, Mary

Member added at Feeley November 26, 1910

Bliss, Elmer

Member added at Feeley September 23, 1911

Anderson, Clarence V. 

Members added at Feeley September 23, 1911

Anderson, Albert
Anderson, Esther
Anderson, Daniel
Anderson, David C.
Anderson, Herbert O.
Anderson, Mabel A.
Anderson, Verner G.
Anderson, Walter B.
Backstrum, Georgia
Bager, Alma
Dahl, Edwin
Pogue, Evelyn
Pogue, Kathy
Reed, Edwin
Warner, Clarence
Warner, Florence

Member added at Feeley September 30, 1911

Baker, Lillian

Member added at Feeley December 30, 1911

Anderson, C. G.

Member added at Feeley early in 1912

Doble, Mary E.

Members added at Feeley August 17, 1912

Reed, Hiram
Reed, Patient

Member added at Blackberry December 28, 1912

Anderson, Mrs. C. G. 

Member added at Blackberry March 29, 1913

Hedberg, Unknown

Member added at Blackberry June 28, 1913

Pogue, Myrtle

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