Ley-Osvold Wedding

Married: June 26, 1949
Bride: Rosemarie Osvold
Groom: Robert George Ley

Wedding Announcement

Rosemarie Osvold, daughter of Mrs. Anna Osvold, was united in marriage with Robert George Ley, son of Mr. and Mrs. George Ley, in the chapel of Maplewood Academy in a beautiful setting of flowers and candlelight on the evening of June 26, 1949, the writer officiating. Preceding the ceremony appropriate music was played on the organ by Miss Fonda Conquest, with Walter Webb singing "Because" and a girl's trio composed of Eunice Olson, Elaine Carlson, and Patty Rushold, singing "At Dawning." The groom's attendants were: Hartley Berlin, Donald Anderson, Marvin Wendroth, Norman Osvold. The bride was attended by Violet Kereluk, Lorraine Wenzel, Mary Osvold, and Claramae Campbell. She was given in marriage by her brother, Lester P. Osvold. Preceding the bride in the wedding march were: the Bible boy, Allen Stone, and the flower girl, Beverly Ann Wernick. At the close of the ceremony Walter Webb sang as a benediction, "The Lord's Prayer." About two hundred guests gathered for the ceremony and to wish the bridal couple a happy life together in service for their Master. May God truly bless this new home with the love and peace of heaven.

Source: Harold L. Wernick - Northern Union Outlook, August 23, 1949

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