Weis-Rosenthal Wedding

Married: June 23, 1957
Bride: Joanne Rosenthal
Groom: Clinton Norman Weis

Wedding Announcement

A beautiful candelight wedding took place in the Westminster Presbyterian church at Austin, Minnesota at 7 p.m., June 23, 1957 when Joanne Rosenthal and Clinton N. Weis were united in marriage. The bride is the daughter of Dr. and Mrs. F. H. Rosenthal of Austin, Minnesota and a graduate of Union College. The groom is the son of Elder and Mrs. T. H. Weis of Reading, Pennsylvania. The marriage ceremony was conducted by the writer. We pray that God's richest blessings will rest upon this newly established Christian home.

Source: T H. Weis - Northern Union Outlook, August 13, 1957

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