Campmeetings - The Anoka Years

(1923 - 1955)

History Collection In Process

While you're waiting for more history, enjoy the poem below, written by one who attended many of the good-old Anoka camp meetings!

The Old Anoka Camp Meeting
By Helga Marianne Anderson-Parker (grandmother of the editor)

The old Anoka camp meeting was where we gathered once a year,
To receive those spiritual blessings that we reverence and hold so dear.

The lame man was there on time with the ringing of the bell
To arouse all from their slumber and to hear of Jesus whom we love so well.

The meadow lark sang around the camp as the sun rose in the east.
What a joy to be there with all, for this wonderful spiritual feast.

How we loved those early morning meetings when we all came out to pray
And to give our testimonies that gave strength throughout the day.

There will never be another like camp meeting till we meet in heaven above;
And when the Saints have all gathered there they shall bask in the sunshine of His love.

Lessons of the past
Hope for the future