Maplewood Academy - Hutchinson



Maplewood Academy had its beginnings in 1888 in the Minneapolis basement of Lake Street Church. The school was later moved to Anoka and was renamed the Minneapolis Industrial School.  Again, in 1904, it was relocated to Maple Plain, located on the northeast side of town on Lake Katrina, and renamed Maplewood Academy.  The location is the present day site of Baker Park Preserve in the Three Rivers Park District.  (If you walk the trail going directly south from the wilderness settlement, it will take you to a maintenance garage. The maintenance garage is presently located on the approximate site of the former Maplewood Boy's Dormitory. The Boy's Dormitory was at the far eastern end of the Maplewood campus.)  In 1928, the General Conference Committee voted to unite the academy with the Hutchinson Theological Seminary in Hutchinson, Minnesota.

The first principal of Maplewood Academy at Maple Plain was Otto Bernstein. His wife was Myrtle Franklin. Myrtle was the daughter of William Franklin and Sarah Schram. The Schram family is one of the oldest Seventh-day Adventist families in Minnesota and are mentioned several times in the book on early Seventh-day Adventist work in Minnesota, "Experiences of a Pioneer Minister of Minnesota", by Elder W. B. Hill.

The first graduating class from Maplewood Academy in Maple Plain was the class of 1909 and it had two graduates, Carl J. Martinson being one of them.

Maplewood Academy, a co-educational boarding school, is currently owned and operated by the Minnesota Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. It is fully accredited by the Association of Seventh-day Adventist Schools, Colleges, and Universities and the National Council for Private School Education.  Presently, Maplewood Academy continues to operate and provide education for students ranging from grades nine through twelve.

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